Moorehouse Leggett Statement

Statement of Mr. Dean A. Moorehouse, age 47, living at Adanac, Leggett and residence 4999 Paseo Olivos, San Jose, Calif.

My wife Audrey, my daughter Ruth, 15, and I moved into this cabin in Leggett one week ago. My wife got angry with me Wednesday night, July 26th and on July 27th she left and went to San Jose, Calif.

On July 27th about 9 AM I left my daughter with adults, Charlie, Chris, Mary and Lynn at my home. I left for San Jose on business & intended to return Fri. night or Sat. AM. I got back home this AM about 11:00 AM and found that my daughter had been taken to Juvenile Hall & my friend Charlie, was arrested.

The above people are friends of mine and I left my daughter in their care, temporarily. In my opinion, the order from the San Jose Police Dept., was invalid as no proceedings for divorce or separation, have been filed by either party.

Dean A. Moorehouse

Copy of the statement